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Genuine and traditional products from every corner of Greece!
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Doll Figurine


The creation of the Navarino Ceramic Doll Figurine has been influenced by similar objects excavated in several sites in the Peloponnese

€24.60 excluding shipping

Fortune Cubes Game


In Ancient Greece cubes were a popular game. Homer mentions that the Achaean hero Palamedes invented cubes to keep the besiegers of Troy occupied in their free time.

€24.61 excluding shipping

Horse Figurine Navarino Icons


The love of animals in life and death was a very important aspect in the ancient Greek world. This ceramic horse figurine was inspired by grave findings of the Mycenaean era, in the Peloponnese.

€24.95 excluding shipping

Navarino Icons Ceramic Dice


Games with dice were played since ancient times.

€17.22 excluding shipping
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