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Black Balsamic Pearls Messino

Black Balsamic Pearls Messino 50ml


Pearls created from 8-month aged balsamic vinegar, exclusively made from Greek varieties of concentrated balsamic pearls MESSINO grape must.

€7.50 excluding shipping
equates to €150.00 per 1 lt
Lemon Pearls Messino

Lemon Pearls Messino 50ml


Tiny jelly beans explode in your mouth highlighting every bite and offering a new tasting experience!!

€7.50 excluding shipping
equates to €150.00 per 1 lt
White Balsamic Pearls "Messino"

White Balsamic Pearls Messino 50ml


White balsamic pearls, even more refined and pure from the classics, are an essential element of molecular gastronomy, a high-end, gourmet product made for demanding customers.

€7.50 excluding shipping
equates to €150.00 per 1 lt
natural fig nectar

Limited 100% Natural Fig Nectar - Syrup 270g


Fig Syrup. Rare, Limited, Premium Pure Extract from figs. No sugar or preservatives added.

€24.90 excluding shipping
equates to €92.22 per 1 kg(s)

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