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Theta Foods

We live in a little ‘Heaven on Earth’, a Greek island, surrounded by the Aegean Sea, with spectacular landscape transitions. Mountains, springs, cultivated fields, chestnut and endless olive groves, deserted watermills, picturesque wooden bridges, unexplored caves and solitary little chapels. With more than 1,400 naturally occurring species and subspecies of plants and more than 130 species of birds. Hometown of Sappho and Alkaios the poets, Arion the kitharode, and Theophrastus the ‘Father of Botany’. The most beautiful island of Lesvos.

Our dream to continue the tradition and heritage of three generations of agricultural knowledge in Eresos with scope to ‘talk to hearts’, resulted in founding a small company to market the best of what we locally produce.

Be invited to a journey, of the most divine, unique, and exquisite flavors. We proudly, deliver to you, our most superior food products for your gourmet gastronomy adventures.

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Limited 100% Natural Fig Nectar - Syrup 270g


Fig Syrup. Rare, Limited, Premium Pure Extract from figs. No sugar or preservatives added.

€24,90 Excluant l'expédition
soit €92,22 le 1 kg(s)

Limited Raw Thyme Honey 330g


Experience the most rare, limited, superb and exquisite raw monofloral thyme honey containing 76% of thyme pollen.

€24,90 Excluant l'expédition
soit €75,45 le 1 kg(s)

Premium Pure Island Wildflowers with Thyme Honey 280g


If you think that all honey is the same, we will disappoint you. Spoil yourself to the island wildflowers’ purity, Greek honey taste, and originality.

€12,00 Excluant l'expédition
soit €42,86 le 1 kg(s)

Honey with Edible Rose Petals 130g Red Theta Foods


Lose yourself in a world of sensuality created by the intoxicating aroma, taste and texture of this natural wonder.

€35,00 Excluant l'expédition
soit €269,23 le 1 kg(s)

Rose au miel 130g Theta Foods


Offrez à votre âme une exploration de la sensualité. Un formidable élixir de vie, ce miel et ces roses sont une indulgence qui tente et ravit les sens.

€24,00 Excluant l'expédition
soit €184,62 le 1 kg(s)

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